Ram Bomjon, Buddha Boy Gone Wild!

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Ram Bomjon, Buddha Boy Gone Wild!


Ram Bomjon thinks pretty highly of himself, and his followers think even more highly of him. They say that he’s another Buddha, “such an incarnation as only occurs once in thousands of years.” The Nepalese 20-something was known as the Buddha Boy a few years ago when, as a teenager, he sat down at the base of a pipal tree, in imitation of Siddhartha Gautama, and tried to meditate for a really, really long time.

Ram Bomjon’s devotees said that he had not taken food or water, or even moved, for months. Police and scientists pointed out that Bomjon’s friends had not allowed anyone to get any closer than 15 feet to inspect the meditating boy, and that every night, Ram Bomjon was concealed behind a blind and all outsiders were made to leave the area. Nepalese police were about to force a strict investigation to see whether Ram Bomjon was committing fraud, when suddenly, Bomjon declared that his spiritual journey must lead him to wander the forest for a while.

palden dorje gets violent

Ram Bomjon later set up camp elsewhere, and has established a successful Buddhist center of worship, where he is the “blessed Guru”, the center of devotion, teaching wisdom and peace… and doing a few other things, it turns out.

It’s claimed that prolonged meditation leads a person to become calm, controlled, and less prone to angry outbursts. The devotional literature dedicated to Ram Bomjon states that Bomjon was born with a peaceful temperament, and that even during childhood, “Guru refused to fight, and was always calm”. If Bomjon was a peaceful boy, all that meditation seems to have changed him.

According to the Himalayan Times, Ram Bomjon’s followers held two women captive for two months, until they were rescued by police in late March. Ram Bomjon did nothing to help the women, one of whom was suffering from at least one broken bone during her captivity. There are allegations that one of the women was sexually assaulted while she was a prisoner.

The women were kept as prisoners because Ram Bomjon’s supporters accused them of practicing witchcraft in order to magically disrupt Ram Bomjon’s serene meditation. While the women were kept prisoner, Ram Bomjon’s supporters physically attacked five journalists who were attempting to film one of Bomjon’s speeches.

When Ram Bomjon’s family discovered that Bomjon’s camp was kidnapping and violently attacking people, his mother, Mayadevi, expressed her profound disappointment and sent two of Bomjon’s brothers off to talk some sense into him.

It didn’t work. Upon hearing their pleas to bring his violent operation back into control, Ram Bomjon himself attacked his brothers, and ordered them to be held as hostages. Upon hearing of this, Ram Bomjon’s mother and sisters made the journey to Bomjon’s religious center to beg for the brothers’ release. Ram’s response was to strike one of his sisters on the head.

Ram Bomjon has preached that “But the world is submerged in its own selfish aim and nobody could keep the search of soul and the super soul in their heart. Today the world is in search of non violence and guidance in the form of kindness.” Perhaps, instead of preaching from his stage of glory as a guru, Ram Bomjon would benefit by rejoining the world, seeking to embody the non-violence and kindness he asks of others, rather than seeking fame for himself.

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  1. Sky says:7/27/2012 at 12:01 pmBecause there is no impediment, he is not afraid, and he leaves distorted dream-thinking far behind.“There is no impediment” means truly letting go.
    When “he is not afraid,” obstacles made by karma depart.
    With distortion left far behind, the characteristic of production is broken through.
    Coarse, fine, and dust-and-sand delusions of your dream-thoughts become Thus.
    As three obstacles finally dissolve, three virtues are perfected.
    The interchangeable use of six faculties brings certification to six psychic powers.
    To be able to fathom this wonderful truth is to directly enjoy its use.
    Those who know easily enlighten the dark and difficult path.Reply
  2. Sky says:7/27/2012 at 12:06 pmVirtue is nowhere incomplete, and all the obstacles perish.
    This ultimately final perfect stillness is called Nirvana.
    Those passed by, not yet come, and now existing,
    All Buddhas of the three periods of time, rooted in a common source,
    Having placed their reliance on this very Prajna Paramita,
    Reach genuine enlightenment equal to that of the Supreme Immortal.
    If only those who practice remain capable of diligence and vigor,
    What worry can there be about not attaining the field of the Dharma nature?Reply
  3. Sky says:7/27/2012 at 12:07 pmTherefore know that Prajna Paramita is a great spiritual mantra, a great bright mantra, a supreme mantra, an unequalled mantra. It can remove all suffering; it is genuine and not false.This “great spiritual mantra” is hard to fathom fully.
    This “great bright mantra” illumines the trichiliocosm.
    This “supreme mantra” leads to the utmost fruition of enlightenment.
    This “unequalled mantra” helps us reach the ultimate peak.
    It can remove all suffering and bring the turning wheel to a stop.
    Since it is “genuine and not false,” it enables us all to progress.
    What has been spoken here discloses the depths of profound Prajna,
    And briefly explains the dhyana of the Patriarchs found in the East and West.That is why the mantra of Prajna Paramita was spoken. Recite it like this:
    Gate gate paragate parasamgate bodhi svaha!As part of the esoteric, the mantra cannot be thought about;
    Much like the edict of a monarch, its mandate is followed by one and all.
    Similar as well to a secret password used among the troops,
    If one’s reply the question is not fitting, one is quickly put in line.
    The wonderful truth of the Great Vehicle entirely transcends distinctions.
    Yet ordinary people see false conditioned cause as true.
    Guided by the finger, gaze at the moon; the finger is not the moon.
    Borrowing the mantra, light up the mind; the mantra is the mind.Reply
    • Jim Cook says:7/27/2012 at 12:11 pmIf this is nirvana, I’m running away from enlightenment as fast as my little feet can carry me. Sheesh!Reply
      • Sky says:7/27/2012 at 12:41 pmyou been running away from it many lifetime…so how can you say that you want to run away from it again..running is easy..but trying is difficult..u choose the easy way out but how can it be easy wen most of ur lifetime you been suffering…Reply
        • Jim Cook says:7/27/2012 at 3:00 pmHow many lifetimes, exactly?
        • F.G. Fitzer says:7/27/2012 at 5:08 pmRunning for many lifetimes is easy? I can’t even run for longer than 90 minutes without my knees getting sore!Now, slinking is much more ergonomically practical than running. I’ve been slinking away from enlightenment for 87 lifetimes, most recently as a jaguar, which is very effective as slinking. You ought to try it sometime, Sky!
    • Ralph says:7/27/2012 at 7:38 pmIf you can explain to me what a trichiliocosm is, in your own words, without looking it up, without cutting and pasting like you did above, I’ll take you seriously.Reply
      • Sky says:7/28/2012 at 9:06 amwords are only a form with infinite meanings behind it just like your body and mind, i dont know what a trichiliocosm but i do know that its in the same category like the rest of the words…just because one use big words doesnt mean its actually exist only within one owns mind just like you say how i cut and paste when the word you just use arent you also cutting and pasting..Reply
      • Jason Thomas says:7/28/2012 at 9:53 amoh, I can answer this one rather simply. all dimensions and other worlds have no meaning when in your very own country, society, home, you are full of misery and sorrow. everything else is of your imagination based on what others have told you. Without discovering what is truth, we stay seeking the trivial.The greatest philosophy I can give: Stay dumb.Reply
        • Sky says:7/28/2012 at 10:55 amdoesnt matter what i just said….i agree with Jason the greatest philiosophy is to stay dumb…cuz only wen you know the dumbness it also open the path for its wiseness…the past and future opens its door of chance for us this year…so make good use of it…if u cant choose one then combine it..itz wont hurt as much as choosing one side but instead became the middle way
        • Sky says:7/28/2012 at 11:26 amdo you believe in horoscopes cuz i do if u want to know what today about here a clue about mines:July 28, 2012
          See Others’ Humanity
          Sagittarius Daily Horoscope
          You may find that you are more sensitive to the needs of others today. You could notice that this awareness makes you want to bond more deeply with the people you meet. Perhaps today you can use these feelings of empathy to work on seeing the common link between all humans by understanding the suffering of others. As you go about your day, look at the people you encounter and see their humanity. You might notice their expressions, the way they walk, their speech. Picture yourself in their shoes—imagine how you would feel if you were in their place. Try to think about the difficulties they may have in their lives and use your own experiences to identify with them. You may notice that by relating to the suffering of others, your capacity for compassion grows.When we realize the universality of humanity in all people, we generate a greater ability to empathize with others. There may be times when we look up to people and imagine that they are better than us or conversely think of another person as being beneath us. But examining the human details in others and visualizing their life as the same as ours help us to understand that we are all one. We are all children of the universe who cope with the same issues and undergo similar struggles. Realizing this helps us truly sympathize with others. By seeing that humanity is universal today, you will learn a deeper way to connect and empathize with others.
  4. Sky says:7/28/2012 at 9:12 amword is just a form which hold infinite meaning to them…just like your body and mind..i dont know what a trichiliocosm is but i do know that it is in the same category like the rest of the words…just like you said how can i cut and paste other word when you are also cutting and pasting others word…that right word is jus a form and i can also make up a name with the same meaning you wanting to know..Reply
  5. Sky says:7/28/2012 at 9:17 amdo u see the differences between the duplicate or do you see it as the same essence..it doesnt matter what u think it is…cuz the truth have neva left you…the one who percieves within you are god so am i not god…..we learn,study and understand thats our basic skills which also the original source of godlike power..it for you to determine yourself whether you use ur knowledge for the good or the bad…everything will end up only being a memories…nothing is permanent in this world…nothing you gain or build in this life can save you from ur suffering..Reply
  6. Sky says:7/28/2012 at 9:24 amonly through self realization can you access the door to the infinite or the door to the unknown because your true self is the key and is the only pure gift of innocence within you…if my wordz doesnt make any sense to you then there nuttin left for me to say…just know that every races and every religion is of the same source…the differences is only the opposite of one anotherReply
  7. Sky says:7/28/2012 at 10:04 amthe world trichiliocosm cannot be known by just mere words that been written..only for you to seek it yourself if you wish to see if there is such worlds…i have seen the infinite and there is nothing in the infinite that you can disciminate….if all the worlds is from the same source of infinite, how can i discriminate it…nothing iin this world can be explain into a definition..everything discriminates according to the senses of mankind…we share the same ability no one is higher than no one unless he is to be fully awaken… from what i see and understand from the gift that has chosen me show only the real here and now….you might know that the present is in the now but you will never know the real here unless you realize your inner soulReply
  8. Sky says:7/28/2012 at 10:13 amhave you ever seen what inside a black hole…everyone look out from it everyday in there life and still wonder wat is it…many became confuse the day they were born thinking there possess to eyes but really in truth you looking out from only one eye which is the inner eye..the one the operates it is the core or the source of god which is the only piece on the other side of this black hole..the whole universe is within the body not outside the body….god wisdom is greater man wisdom makng the simplest things into a difficult things to figure out….everything in it is space and spaces is everything….when you realize emptiness you will know that emptiness is really not empty but only just a functional stateReply
  9. Sky says:7/28/2012 at 10:21 amhave you ever seen what inside a black hole…everyone look out from it everyday in there life and still wonder wat is it…many became confuse the day they were born thinking they possess 2 eyes but really in truth you looking out from only one eye which is the inner eye..the one that operates it is the core or the source of god which is the only piece on the other side of this black hole..the whole universe is within the body not outside the body….god wisdom is greater than man wisdom makng the simplest things into a difficult things to figure out….everything in it is space and spaces is everything….when you realize emptiness you will know that emptiness is really not empty but only just a functional state******Reply
  10. Sky says:7/28/2012 at 10:30 amlet me tell you that the internet is the greatest knowledge there is just like the mind…so if one says that jus because you search the internet to get ur answer doesnt mean its really true..aha but it is..not true but the truth…cuz neither right or wrong is still the same answer…the internet is jus like a universe while it is loading is just like a man about to land on the moon or any other planets…..you see if one search inside for the answer is faster than searching outside for the answer…the holy spirit is within each and everything and is its greatest manifestationReply
  11. Sky says:7/28/2012 at 10:35 amthere many more i wish to say but i am limited due to the fact that one is not able to accept the truth until the right time..i went against my own self by lettin out all this message so if you really have a question that needs to be answer just ask me the Sky because i am limited to the eyes of all beingsReply
  12. Momar says:7/29/2012 at 2:36 pmI’m very disappointed for both sides as I have also read that there were people harassing him during his meditative state and so he felt forced to retaliate physically. It is hard to accept that people would be so blatantly selfish enough to prevent someone’s efforts of spiritual practice and also disheartening that yet another leader does not practice what he preaches.Reply
    • Sky says:7/29/2012 at 4:24 pmi agree with you Momar but i have not witness the events that they claim to happen.. so either way there no proof of whats goin on but only rumors.. i havent heard any news of the buddha boy but only about this nonsense…i dont like to believe what i hear but rather for what i see…if he really did this according to the rumors then there must be an explaination for why he did it…if one becomes awaken already den for sure that he already let go of his ill will and hatred..it is the one who envy that casting an evil eye upon him making everyone thinking he a false leader…i do wish to meet him face to face to see what lies beneath that human body…Reply
  13. Sky says:7/29/2012 at 4:28 pmas for right now…i only wish for the world to be at peace…so stay strong and walk in the righteous way to ward off evilReply
  14. yoda says:8/18/2012 at 5:52 pmeven Gautam Buddha was seriously accused by many…
    search google for what people were spreading about Amrapali and his relationship…..
    though i don’t know both sides but i respect a person who meditate elaborately…
    another point in ancient times even demonic humans were very hard meditators and they amplified their demonic attitudes and demonic willpowers…..so according to your subconscious minds attitude you will get fruit from meditation. That is why Buddha firstmost said that first attain Shunyaawastha (Shunya= zero, Awastha= State) so that there will be no question of in what state you will get amplified after meditation.
    Even Swami Vivekananda sometimes would get very very angry … so who is saying meditation practisioner should be brand ambassador of most calm most gentle and so on is false expectation.
    i like meaning of name Daniel (e.g. God is my judge). So let God Almighty should judge him only. (though i don’t understand even sand in christianity, islam, judaism, buddhism. Forgive me if i am doing some offence to anyone on this forum)Reply
  15. mm says:9/4/2012 at 11:22 amI’m just wondering what does he look like now..he was a very pretty boy. lolReply
  16. laurie says:9/18/2012 at 3:42 amwould i be right in saying- everything is contained within infinty, therefore everything is infinite?Reply
  17. Mans says:10/11/2012 at 1:24 pmIf he was any way legitimate, yes he is expected to be ultimate ambassdor of calmReply
  18. Jyampakidwen says:10/23/2012 at 1:05 amPlease do not believe what you read. The journalists did not report the truth. I was there, visit 5 times from America. I know the whole truth. Come to Nepal to see for yourself. He is the most amazing Guru I have ever known. Mm, he is very good looking and has absolute beautiful smile. Seeing is believing…Do not listen to rumors.Reply
    • JT says:10/23/2012 at 11:07 amwhat you are saying is hearsay. he can’t free anyone of the world. He can’t even get out of his own country! So, how can he free you spiritually? he said he cannot free anyone and yet you are still thinking he can. a beautiful face and smile doesn’t mean anything when it comes to spiritual fulfillment. such things are trivial.Reply
    • Anonymous says:12/3/2012 at 12:44 pmSuch kind words ..!!  Exactly believe in what you see , not in what you hear or read xxReply
  19. Zsuzsanna Takacs Marici says:10/23/2012 at 1:59 amAn open request to Dharma Sangha
    Dearest Holy Dharma Sangha,All my praising words about you in my writings had been wrongly twisted in the past and translated falsely by your sangha members, so you could never learn the truth about my writings, though I still believe that you are a divine Guru with the ability to know the Truth. So please Dear Dharma Sangha, try to see the truth in my words and not the veils that the wrongwishers cover them with. And I would like to request your translators to translate this letter punctually and without leaving out words or changing them.Thank you that you have allowed me to continue to serve your devotees and other spiritual seekers by releasing me from your captivity in Halkoria and leaving me alive. Thank you that I can continue to praise your name by sadhana, speaking, meeting people and writing about the Truth. The suffering in Halkoria had reminded me of the need to spread the real Dharma and distinguish it from falseness even more, and I am very grateful to You for this.But I have a request to you. You have taken away from me a laptop, MP3 player, mobile phone, Bible, sunglasses, flashdrives and personal drawings and notes. These have been never returned to me. The laptop had been constantly used by me to write about the truth as it is, and in this to praise your greatness. This was done by my service to your sangha by writing many articles in Google Group about how great a divine being you are, and constantly informing others about your exceptional qualities as a Guru in my reports from 2011.I would never afford to ask my laptop back from You, as you are the owner of all what belongs to me, but I do not need it for my own entertainment, only for the service to your devotees and other spiritual seekers. After my captivity many people approached me with requests for advice about You, who you are in reality, what is the power which makes me still respect you after what you have done to me, how it is possible that I still consider you the same divine being. As I was able to praise you by my happiness, I am continuing to praise You by my suffering as well.
    But although these people are asking me to answer emails and write long texts, which I myself do with joy for the Dharma, I cannot do this regular service to them without a laptop. My readers need my help with advice in meditation and some of them need my reports that I am alive and safe, as many of my friends and pure devotees of You are worried about my safety after the acts your sangha did to me.But I cannot afford to pay internet cafes just for writing. I am doing this from their sponsorship, and these poeple, some of them your big devotees, are not rich, but all poor people. They even decided to collect money for me for a new laptop, so that I can write. But it is very difficult for them.But why should these poor people sacrifice their basic needs, if I do have a laptop, which was bought by my own money? But this laptop was taken by your sangha.
    Though in the tradition of yoga it was an acceptable way to offer the Guru all the possessions of a Chela, everyone knows that you never told your sangha that I would be your Chela… Yes, I wanted to offer You all my possessions in case I can become your Chela and can stay in Halkoria, but this did not happen in the reality of your sangha.But in the same reality was the laptop taken from me, and I never offered it to them. I have never offered this laptop to Your material-level sangha.In case you, Holy Dharma Sangha, personally use the laptop and other things, it would be an honor for me and please enjoy them any longer You wish. But I am afraid this is not the case…Your sangha has taken what was not given, and I believe and hope that even in these confusing times you are still teaching the same Eternal Dharma as Sakyamuni Buddha.
    The laptop and MP3 player had been partly a gift from a person near to me, and it has a value of love in it, not just the money. How can you support such a hurting act, influencing so many people’s feelings?I was taking this laptop from Europe for the sole reason to able to translate your prayers and teaching and spread your light by it to all the human beings. I did not stop to write truthful reports about You, and I continue to praise You by my writings, which is bringing a lot of fruits of Dharma You surely can know about.So please enable me to use this laptop again and write the Truth about Dharma, and help people come nearer to God’s Grace.This laptop is storing lots of private spiritual secrets about the grace I was receiving during 2011 in Hlakoria. Why is there no respect to other followers of Dharma in your sangha? To steal equipment and notes containing spiritual writings and drawings of holy experiences of other people is surely not an act of Dharma.Please return the laptop which was taken from me at You order, as the act of holding stolen objects from others is a sin for your sangha, though You Yourself are allowed to do anything. But what good is in encouraging and supporting sin? Please forgive my simple thinking, but I do not understand this secret. My brain was created only to grasp the Dharma and Shila, and supporting sinful acts in the name of Dharma I cannot understand in my low intelligence.This is an upside-down act, and because by this stealing act your sangha is blocking my ability to help others with advising about Dharma and praising You, it is a double wrong. Any sangha which is built on such a basement of harming others and stealing, would soon collapse.It is so easy and so pleasant to live in a world of Dharma and Shila – to keep the rules of non-harming, not-stealing and not-lying. Why it is not possible to arrange in Halkoria such a world, dear Dharma Sangha? The acts of taking other’s possessions, lying and harming others make life so heavy, dark and complicated, while to act according to Dharma would make all things easy and pleasant for everyone.Please, Dearest Dharma Sangha, let my belongings brought to Krishna Lama (Krishna meme) of Lama Hotel Simra, Bara District, Nepal, from where they will be taken by some of my friends or diiplomatic officials.Thank you for your patience with me and please forgive me that I have been born and wished to support you with all my heart and abilities. I have realized You did not need support. I am sorry to question the legitimity of stealing, lying and harming others in Your sangha. I would be able to give all all these belongings to you all to enjoy them, but now the necessity of the situation gave me courage to turn to Yourself for allowing me to serve Dharma by using the laptop. If it would be just for me, I did not have the courage to ask for it to be returned.http://www.halkoria.ewebsite.com/articles/new/an-open-request-to-dharma-sangha.htmlReply
  20. JT says:10/23/2012 at 11:09 amMarici, him and his devotees are lost in their own ignorance. why appeal to them? they have no loving-kindness. that is just a pretty little idea they say with they lips but their hearts are cold and dead. end of story.Reply
    • Zsuzsanna Takacs Marici says:10/23/2012 at 10:39 pmJT, you might be right. But I am also His devotee, in a way… And sorry, I do have some loving-kindness.
      If they are like that that, it is their problem. I am doing what anyone would do in my place: asking to return stolen belongings which I need. I did not report them to police just to protect the name of their Guru, though police were pushing me to make a report. . And I know the panic of jailing and being left alone, not provided even a lawyer or a diplomatic representative in a foreign country, surrounded by uniformed but easily bribed strangers… Do I really wish those fools in the sangha to suffer like had to do? Not really. So I am giving them a chance to return my belongings based o human ethics and the Dharma they speak and write so much about…Reply
      • JT says:10/23/2012 at 10:51 pmThen you have a true and wonderful heart that is not superficial and pretentious. then, rare are you in this world to be one who is genuinely kind and considerate. but, to let them get away without doing all that is necessary to bring them to justice, is this not against truthfulness? what they did was beyond being inhumane. if it was something mediocre then, it would not be a major factor. you could simply shake the dust off your feet and walk on. but, to let this level of injustice, cruelty and indecency go… are you not leaving them opened to do this to someone else? Do what needs to be done. I am with you and many of the ‘intelligent’ ones of the DS groups and forums are with you.Reply
        • Zsuzsanna Takacs Marici says:10/23/2012 at 11:33 pmThank you, JT, though I have no idea who you are. But I am simply trying to be human, I know this species is getting to be extinct in so called spiritual people…“but, to let them get away without doing all that is necessary to bring them to justice, is this not against truthfulness?”
          Yes, you are right. But I am still giving them a chance. Justice is not in the world, its police or law forces – especially not in Nepal, a country without a Constitution. It is the responsibility of the Nepali Government to make sure that atrocities like they did to me and other people, are investigated and rightfully punished. It is not my responsibility. Though the Nepali public, especially in the area of Halkoria, is outraged by their activities, police and Government did nothing.“but, to let this level of injustice, cruelty and indecency go… are you not leaving them opened to do this to someone else?”
          Yes, unfortunately this is my fear too. This is not just about Marici, people forget that another woman, a Nepali, named Maata or Ani (mother or nun) suffered probably similarly like me from the sangha. We do not have any news about her after her release… Another person, present to the atrocities done on me, the new khenpo Dawa, has disappeared. We also did not get any explanation why, where and when… Are these people still safe and alive?You are right that I should not be silent also because if they were able to do such things to me, there can be soon other people tied to trees, tortured, sexually abused, violently treated by sangha… But I do not want them to suffer as I had to suffer from them, though I know that Karma is merciless. They are just blind. I feel pity for them, not revenge. But the injustice is painful for me.“Do what needs to be done. I am with you and many of the ‘intelligent’ ones of the DS groups and forums are with you.”
          Thank you, I know who is on the side of truth. It is something we are born with. A natural sense of truth, justice and ethics, no matter if we are religious or secular.The other type of human beings is exactly those, who were quick to condemn anyone in any historical event, be it burning “witches” in the Dark Middle Ages, be it burning “pagans” during the Christian Inquisition or Jews in the name of “purity of the race”… They are the most dangerous types of people, willing to be fooled to harm, torture and even kill under any reason, if it unifies them..But the sangha does not even know, why they harm and hate me. If you ask them , “What did Marici do to you, personally?”, they will find nothing. I had hardly any interaction with most of my torturers before… The answer will be: “….because everyone says she is a witch and she is evil, so who am I to decide if it is true, I am trusting sangha” (this answer had been really told by one of them!)
        • JT says:10/23/2012 at 11:43 pmthen, I will rest in your wisdom of knowing what is best to be done when and how. take care. just be careful. as long as your heart is pure and clear whatever action you take it will be of that truthfulness. blessed be.
  21. Zsuzsanna Takacs Marici says:10/23/2012 at 11:54 pmJT, please pray to the Highest God and Highest Guru, to help us, all people involved in this situation, either as victims or as persecutors. Thank you for your blessing words!

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