Ram Bomjon Flees To Sindhuli As His Meditation Center Is Destroyed

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Ram Bomjon Flees To Sindhuli As His Meditation Center Is Destroyed


Ram Bomjon, a Buddhist celebrity guru in Nepal, started out as a teenager a few years back, meditating while sitting still under a tree, claiming not to have eaten, had anything to drink, or even to have moved for several weeks straight. Of course, Bomjon’s friends did conceal him from view during the night, and doctors were never allowed to come close to him. With suspicions of fraud growing, Ram Bomjon ran off into the forest, carrying a sword, just as Nepali police officers were about to begin an investigation of what was really going on at the Bomjon camp.

bearded guruji

“Even the Buddha had to protect himself,”said Bomjon after he reappeared a few months later. Actually, the legends are that the Buddha did not have to defend himself, but could merely pierce through the illusion of reality so that his opponents’ weapons became soft and fragrant flower petals.

Never allowing details to stop them, Bomjon’s devotees continued to proclaim that their guru was the newest incarnation of the Buddha, even though the Buddha was supposed to have escaped the cycle of rebirth. They gave him new names to celebrate his holiness, including Palden Dorje and Sambodhi Dharma Sangha.

Ram Bomjon was caught up in a cycle of deceptions that were obvious to outsiders, but rationalized by his fervent disciples, who continued to bow down to him even as he alternated lectures about nonviolence with a campaign of escalating physical violence against his critics. This year, Ram Bomjon beat and held several people hostage in his camp, including some of his own siblings.

With the police closing in on him again, Bomjon and nine of his closest followers have fled their meditation complex in the Halkhoria forest. They were last seen at a police checkpoint crowded into a jeep, saying that they were headed to the east, into the region of Sindhuli. The jeep was later found, abandoned, on the side of the highway.

Forest Service officials in Nepal have now destroyed about a dozen buildings built by Ram Bomjon and his followers in the Halkoria forest, and have taken back the land used by Bomjon near Ratanpuri, so that the land may return to its wild state. So, if Sri Palden Kick Ass wants to set up a new meditation center for himself, he’ll have to start from scratch.

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10 Responses to Ram Bomjon Flees To Sindhuli As His Meditation Center Is Destroyed

  1. Jason Thomas says:7/9/2012 at 3:33 pmStill, his followers will refuse to look and see how absurd this guy is. To follow a fool makes you a greater fool. His followers are blind and lost. I always ask them, what were you doing in your life, spiritually, before this guy came about? they still fail to see the illusion they are in. how sad.Reply
    • F.G. Fitzer says:7/9/2012 at 4:10 pmYou don’t understand, Jason. I was there, and I saw with my own eyes, when rays of light came out of his elbows, which proves that, uh… Oh, you just don’t understand! I know that he would never ever hurt anybody, because he has a look of infinite… Oh, you just don’t understand!Reply
      • Jason Thomas says:7/9/2012 at 4:56 pmI am a fully awakened being. All psychical phenomenon is trivial. If it had any meaning by you being there, tell me, are you spiritually awakened? why not? no one can give me a cup and tell me its the ocean. When you spiritually awaken because of him, then what you say has meaning.Reply
        • Addison Hicks says:7/9/2012 at 10:42 pmJason, you say you are awakened so I share this story with you. A young man was walking down the road, he was asking God to give him wisdom. Suddenly, a starving dog appeared from around the bend. The dog looked beaten and must have traveled some great distance. But the dog was in the young mans way. He blocked the path and simply refused to move, no matter what the young man yelled and pleaded, so the young man out of anger struck the dog. And as soon as he did so the dog’s head smacked the pavement and split open. He knew the dog was done for. So he left, running in disgust from his actions. How was he supposed to know the dog was so weak when it stood so firm in his path? The young man pleaded with God, “Please God, give me another chance, I made a foolish mistake out of hasty emotion and it cost me dearly, please allow me another chance!” Tears of sorrow and regret wetting his cheeks. Then he looked up. Before him was the same starving dog, standing firm in his path. Except this time the Young Man took a moment to look into the animals eyes. He saw that while the animal stood firm his eyes were weak, it truly was a lost creature simply looking for something…anything. The young man approached the dog with open palms, knelt near the dog and whispered. “I have food, I have shelter, and if you will have me I will have you.” The dog gave a whimper, licked the young man on the face, and willingly followed the young man home to which he remains to this day. In all of Life we are faced with decisions, decisions on what to believe, what to act, what to say… but most of all it is about how you share yourself with others. You should not forsake those that know no other way. For all you know, they might simply be lost. Teach them just as you have taught yourself, help them to understand just as you do. That is the best thing you could do for his “followers” that you seem to despise so much. Remember, we all have the potential within us.
      • Dhyana says:7/9/2012 at 11:36 pmF.G. Fitzer,Even if I were to witness rays of light came out from his entire body, or he turned himself into sun and moon, I would STILL say that he is the one who is immersed in ignorance.He has proclaimed such a fake, distorted, and harmful teachings, yet he dares to call it “True Dharma.” Any intentions, or ideas which are born from such a distorted mind cannot be “good.”Hurt anybody? He has already hurt himself with his stubbornness, and ignorance.Reply
  2. Addison Hicks says:7/9/2012 at 9:58 pmWhy is there such confusion in these Modern Ages… Is it the Materialism? Is it the curse of Western Societies influence reaching the entire world? Or perhaps the whole concept of Money is where we got it wrong… You see, I ask these things because I read comments such as F.G. Fitzer and I am taken aback. Sir, I do understand. I understand that each and every one of us has the potential to have Light reflecting our physical forms. To have a look of infinite within our eyes, showing the true Divine Nature of the Human Spirit. Why do you follow and watch another, when you yourself can be doing the same? Why praise another, when you can be the one being praised for your own personal spiritual achievements? I do not understand this cattle mentality that has been concealing the Truth from this World. Why follow F.G. Fitzer when you yourself can lead as well? This is the True Destiny of us as Creators during this Human Experience. This is my Truth. Please, look into it and see the divinity of knowledge that you can ascend even further than he has, we each have the potential. I believe in you, but You must believe in You.Reply
    • Jason Thomas says:7/9/2012 at 10:02 pmexcellently pointed out.Reply
      • Jason Thomas says:7/9/2012 at 10:54 pmmy teaching is that of negation. there is no compromising of the truth. no bringing the mountain down to valley. Like a finger that points, there is no blind following but the total act of seeing for oneself and accepting nothing on the words or actions of another. In that there is no malice, no pretense and no despising. Truth does not belong to no man. So, its not just ‘buddha boy’ I speak of. there is no personal agenda. most of my uprooting others from are in the organized religions of the world. The followers of Ram, are simply the new ‘cult’ that has sprung up. So, naturally I come to eradicate the whole idea that one is greater than another. with intense passion, I negate the false so that the divine truth may flower within.Reply
    • Dhyana says:7/10/2012 at 12:00 amThat Young Man in the story. His mind is full of greed. Caused by greed, he asked those things.Reply
  3. Joe says:12/1/2012 at 7:37 amAnyone interested in following the Ram Bomjon story should definitely check out this site.http://www.halkoria.ewebsite.com/articles/new/

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