I am Ram Bomjon Reincarnated

Retrieved from Archive.org I am Ram Bomjon Reincarnated JCLIFFORD11/14/2008[11] COMMENTS Nepal’s Buddha Boy Ram Bomjon claims to be the reincarnation of the Buddha – though Buddha himself claimed that he had transcended the cycle of death and reincarnation. That’s not all there is to the story, however. Not by far. I have an admission to make: I … Continue reading I am Ram Bomjon Reincarnated

Ram Bomjon shows how religious myths are made

Retrieved from Archive.org Ram Bomjon Shows How Religious Myths Are Made JCLIFFORD1/25/2012[20] COMMENTS Over five years ago, I first reported on the story of the Buddha Boy of Nepal, Ram Bomjon. Bomjon’s followers were declaring him to be a reincarnation of the Buddha, who was sitting under a tree without moving, meditating, not even eating or … Continue reading Ram Bomjon shows how religious myths are made

Shangri-Boom: Nepaliraq Reality Defies Mystical Hype

Retrieved from Archive.org Shangri-Boom: Nepaliraq Reality Defies Mystical Hype by jclifford 3/21/2006 @ 8:20 am. Filed under General, Religion, War and Peace I remember, when I was in college, taking a course in Indian philosophy, reading some articles about the wonderful, otherworldly serenity of Nepal. These articles, written by Western devotees of a syncretic faith that mixed … Continue reading Shangri-Boom: Nepaliraq Reality Defies Mystical Hype

Is Ram Bomjon the AntiChrist?

Retrieved from Archive.org Is Ram Bomjon the Antichrist? by jclifford 12/26/2005 @ 10:45 am. Filed under General, Religion, Mysteries It was only a matter of time. When one faith meets another faith, the interaction usually results in the height of human silliness. A case in point when a Christian fundamentalist reader of ours encountered our Irregular Times … Continue reading Is Ram Bomjon the AntiChrist?