Why this website?

Ram Bahadur Bomjon is just one of the controversial topics that The Irregular Times had been covering. Nearly all articles had been but very hardly digestible for those who do not like critical opinions about themselves or their idols. This could have been the reason that The Irregular Times did not survive its second suspending. The first was a few years ago, when they had reopened the website after a long break, citing hosting problems as the reason. Yet recently their articles became even more shocking and more radical, especially concerning US politics and sexual abuse in the clergy. We can also be sure that the PR machinery of Ram Bahadur Bomjon’s cult played a role in bombarding the Irregular Times with requests to delete their unpleasant articles about their guru, or/and the unnerving comments under them. It is not possible to retrieve any newer versions of the Ram Bomjon articles, after 2012, although there had been feverish discussions under the Irregular Times articles about him.

Be it any reason, The Irregular Times had definitely died, apparently a slow but sure death during the year of 2018. Let’s hope that they wake up from their long sleep with the old articles again, but if not, here is this website now, for those who wanted to see how and what The Irregular Times had been writing about Nepal’s “miraculously” brutal Buddha Boy, Ram Bahadur Bomjon.